Time Travel

Time to get this show on the road!

When it comes to travel, I’m not even in the same league as Dr Who and the TARDIS. I use a pickup truck to get places for my business, and lack of experience driving a police box doesn’t keep me up at night, wondering if I made the right career choice. At my age, I know my limitations!

If it’s cheap thrills you’re after, this is not the place to be. Off with you, to the Doctor who moves heaven and earth, traveling seamlessly through centuries in the time it takes me to reach the end of the street. The travel experience I can offer is more leisurely, and in the end more satisfying!

I wanted to show you my vehicle, but confess I’m no longer the mistress I used to be. I can’t get the hang of those tiny communication devices everybody uses these days to make instant photos. My hands are more suited to farm work. I found a local artist to paint a picture instead. As soon as the paint is dry, it will have pride of place in the frame below. That’s a promise!

I don’t want you going away empty-handed, so I decided to display a portrait of myself, just to hold the fort, so to speak. It’s a poor substitute for my sheep truck, but I’m proud of the necklace. A solid piece of jewelry, unlike most of the TAT they turn out today. I hope the picture doesn’t give too much away!

All I ask is you take a chance, let me be your chaperone on our first trip through time!



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